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I honestly thought this time would be different. I thought maybe, just maybe, i could have a chance to be with you. But it was a horrible, make believe idea. Im no Cinderella, and youre deffinately no Prince Charming. In my mind i thought that it would be some magical fairy tale and you'd come sweeping me off my feet, i waited so long for you to give me the slightest piece of your mind, and still nothing. Well, I believe I have an answer.
Here it is:
ONE- Youre unsure of your own feelings. You dont want to be in a relationship because youre afraid I would be like everyone else youve been with, you dont know whether or not to just go with it or gaurd yourself from being hurt. I really dont think this is the case but id like to think it is.

TWO- Youre just an asshole who wants some pussy and will fake any and everything to get some. (this is the more believable of the two conclusions) I trusted that this time would be different, and its the same failure all over again.

You used me, you took advantage, and you didnt even say that you were sorry. I have done so much for you the past months, things that i probably shouldnt have done, but it was to impress you, and obviously you werent very impressed. You didnt give a shit and you still dont give one now. So here I am, just sitting on my balcony writing this dumb blog because i cant talk to you about it, you wont speak to me. Ill bask in these tears of mine until theyre dry and ill forget about you for a while.

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